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Experience the life of the Roman legionary from the windswept borders of Britannia to the marvels of Rome itself


Saluto and welcome to the  LEG II AVG website.

Since its inception, over 15 years ago, LEG II AVG's military and civilian section has grown from strength to strength to become one of Europe’s pre-eminent Roman re-enactment groups .

Today its displays encompass the full range of military and civil life  - artillery, engineers, mosaicists, aristocratic ladies, slaves, archers, sculptors, smiths, cavalry, medical staff, painters and an unrivalled collection of full sized buildings, models, and archaeologically accurate military equipment, musical instruments, household artefacts, and much more. All this comes together to create an unforgettable live experience and a single point of contact to supply people and equipment for all manner of film and television work.

The links to the left are your gateway to a journey back nearly 2000 years in time, back to the origins of modern Britain ...

Learn to live as a Roman family, discover a trade, be sold into slavery or be sent to the arena

1st - 2nd Century AD Roman Living History Society


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