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The Boudiccan revoltóRome came perilously close to loosing the province of Britannia. The Second Augusta, with forces split and faced with revolt in the South failed, against orders, to engage the Iceni army. Though threatened with decimation of its troops for this crime, the camp prefect, Posthumous, took his own life as punishment. The legion name was only cleared later when Vespasian became Emperor.


The invasion of Britannia marked a direct military involvement with the Isle, but the Romans had a long history of friendship and trade with Britain. The Roman Britons, though looking, speaking, and acting Roman, where almost certainly not from Italy, but rather where wealthy locals and other celtic peoples who had come to seek fortune from Britainís famed resources of tin and wool and adopted as fashionable Roman thought, religion, buildings, fashion and technology.


Small Celtic villages would have been a typical sight to the first Roman arrivals. The Britons though soon adopted the Roman way of life and the Roman fashions...