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Deeds of Arms formerly Ludus Gladiatorius

Gladiator re-enactment in the 1st and 2nd Century AD, early Medieval tourney & stage combat group.

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Corbulo is a new reenactment group based in the Netherlands.

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They "represent a detachment of the Fourteenth Legion, Gemina Martia Victrix".

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Musica Romana "try to recreate the music of various historical periods."

Ermine Street Guard
1st-2nd Century Roman Military Group

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Legio XX is run by Matthew Amt. Matthews site is famed for its Legionary handbook.

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Vortigen Studies is based in the Netherlands.

Colchester Roman Society
A very good Roman Auxillia Group with a growing civilian section.

Roman Civilian Talk
A great Roman Civilian Forum.

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The only gladiatorial forum on the web we know about.

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LEGIIAVG Netherlands

The Second Augustaís sister group in the Netherlands regularly appear at† Archaeon.

The Virtual Legionary
A memberís blog covering the reconstruction of the Second Augustanís equipment.

Caroline Lawrence - The Roman Mysteries
Caroline is an extremely pleasant person and a good author.

Caerhun Roman Fort
This site is administered by a friend and member of LEG II AVG, David Alexander.

Handmade New Staircases
Established in 2004

Cleaning Company Stevenage
The best cleaning company in Herts

Sword Forum
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Omnia Music
Omnia are a group dedicated to ancient music forms. A nice site and nice people.

McManus VRoma
Well worth your time a great resource to get lost in

Trajans Roman Cavalry
A concise site about Roman Cavalry in Britain.

Roman is an ambitious project which is so far panning out wonderfully, worth looking at and bookmarking for future reference.