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Information for Film Makers

From documentary to light entertainment projects, we are able to provide experienced specialist knowledge and an unrivalled collection of accurate period props and sets.


Prior to any camera rolling we are able to provide consultancy and clarity to ensure any sequence delivers on the rigorous accuracy demanded of modern documentary film making.


Working with specialist groups trained in stage combat we also firmly understand the 'entertainment' value of fight scenes and ensure that all set pieces, from individual to mass combat, are visual, exciting and retain all the appearance of deadly combat on camera.


Battle sequences are fully rehearsed, safe and repeatable, giving the director the flexibility to reshoot the same sequence with a single camera if needs be - extending coverage and providing the most options in the editing suite.


High safety standards, comprehensive insurance and professionalism ensure that you are given the most efficient use of your time prior to and during the shoot.


At any shoot we are able to supply fighters, fight coordinators, first aiders, historical consultants, props, costume, weaponry, runners, costumiers and prop masters. Our group has access to, and is happy to propose, experienced actors, both professional and amateur, for both extra and speaking roles.


We are also happy to discuss production of any specific or unusual 'make for hire' items which might be needed, including costume, sets and equipment.


Recent work has included productions for BSkyB, The BBC, The Discovery Channel, and Channel 4, and national television appearances in Italy, Belgium, France and Holland.

Production design, set construction, costuming for the Discovery Channel’s Mystery of the Catacombs

Delivering on-screen accuracy with all the flexibility demanded by modern production

Costume & battle sequence for the BBC’s History of Britain

Green screen work for the BBC’s Battlefield Britain

Set design, construction, props and extras for Sky One’s When In Rome

Trained extras for varied period productions