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Text Box: A significant difference between the Roman Army and a great many of its Barbarian enemies was the strict discipline held within its ranks. There is strong evidence of brutal discipline being enforced for disobedience such as falling asleep on duty, cowardice in the face of the enemy and desertion. To properly enforce such regulation the Roman Army developed a hierarchical ranking structure of officers.

Ultimate responsibility for the Army lay with the Emperor however, below him lay a series of politicians, officers and men whose duty it was to ensure that Rome's armies were ready to meet any challenge which was placed in their stead. Some of these men succeeded such as Julius Caesar and Vespasian (prior to being Emperor), others where not so successful such as Nero and Varus.

Within LEG II AVG we demonstrate the officers that would have found themselves often in the thick of the battles and discipline of the army; Centurion (ken-turio) and the Optio.
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The Aquilifer, or eagle bearer with characteristic lion skin as a badge of rank (left)