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Related Links

To discover more about Roman history, archaeology and re-enactment please follow the links below.

If you wish to list your organization or site on this page please contact Gary Marshall


Simon Scarrow’s home site for all things Macro and Cato


Bible Illustration

A useful site for biblical period illustrators.


Rome Reborn

Impressive project to digitally recreate Rome. Also good source for additional links on Roman history and archaeology.


XXX Ulpia Traiana Victrix

Leading Italian re-enactment group representing the XXX Ulpia Traiana Vitrix


Antonine Guard

Braving the cold of Hadrian’s Wall



Augustan Legio V, based near Girona, Spain.

Legio I, Italian re-enactment group homepage

Read about the plan to resurrect chariot racing in the Circus Maximus, Rome


Good site for Roman campaigning kit from Jared Fleury of VI Victrix in the USA

LEGIIAVG Netherlands

The Second Augusta’s sister group in the Netherlands regularly appear at  Archaeon.

"The Ancient Hopilitikon of Melbourne" - Ancient Greek reenactment


Nigel Apperley’s site dedicated to the Roman Cavalry and for fans of Trajan the horse.

LP Mosaics

Laurence Payne’s site dedicated to Roman mosaics and art, including painting, Samian pottery and sculpture.


Keith Perryman’s homepage for ordering his novel  Farewell Rome


Site dedicated to the excavation and restoration of  Pisa’s remarkable collection of intact Roman ships discovered in 1989.

Roman Archaeology

Mary Harrsch Eugene’s excellent round up of current news relating to Roman and Italian archaeology.

Social network for all you sword wielding fans.