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The romanís lived hard, but also played hard. Men and women would take a whole day to enjoy the luxuries of the Baths. Poetry, music, and comedy where much loved from street corners to the great Theatres. In the Amphitheatre, Romanís revelled in the strange sights of foreign beasts from the farthest borders of the Empire, the deaths of criminals and the heroics of the gladiators. At the top of the league of public entertainment lay the chariot races in the Arena, which we now know crossed to the shores of roman Britain with the discovery of the arena in Colchester...

Politics, business and gossip as men relax at the Baths click here to learn more

The Auletes, or flute player, accompanies a dancing girl as entertainment at a Roman dinner

Beast fights entertain the crowds in the Amphitheatre

Charioteer mosaic, Villa Casale, Sicily.