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10 Fun facts to baffle your teacher:

1. Roman carrots were white!

2. Crocodile poo was used for eye make-up by the richest ladies.

3. During battles Julius Caesarís slingers would bet on which eye they could hit the enemy Gaulís in.

4. Urine (pee) was collected on street corners to wash clothes

5. The best artillery bow strings were made from womenís hair

6. The month of July is named after Julius Caesar

7. If the Emperor put his thumb up at a Gladiator fight it meant kill the loser.

8. When it was fashionable to be blonde, wealthy Roman women would shave their German slave girlsí heads bald to make wigs.

9. Romanís didnít have weekends. But had so many different godís each with days off for their festivals that it didnít really matter.

10. Elephants were once taught to tightrope walk in the Colosseum!


Eric is a confused Roman soldier, what has he got right?† Correct answers below...



Eric wears a helmet so that he doesnít hurt himself falling off† his motorbike.

Is Eric right?

Eric wears a horse mane on his head to look taller and scarier to his enemies.

Is Eric right?

Eric does his own washing and cleaning.

Is Eric right?

Text Box: Answers: Eric is wrong, Romans didnít have engines or motorbikes. Heís right, the crest does make him taller and scarier. Heís almost right, a Roman soldier has to do his own cleaning, but ironing his armour isnít going to work...